Hi! My name is Eduardo and I write about how to build a business on Instagram.

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What We Do

We're a community of Instagram experts who provide consulting services on tools, strategies and behaviors to organically grow new Instagram channels fast.Our focus is on early stage start-ups and consumer facing products that are looking to grow their Instagram to 10K+ followers within 6-12 months.We believe that an account's rate of Growth depends on two main variables: the amount of people you Reach and what percentage of them you Retain (that “Follow” you) once they find your page.Our work centers around first evaluating your Instagram's vision and purpose and then crafting a personalized strategy to optimize your Reach and Retainment, based on your specific needs.We're not interested in buying followers for you. We want to work with people and products that challenge the status quo by creating a positive change in people's lives.

The Team

Eduardo Morales and Devin Ohanian come from a background of App-based Growth Marketing and now make a full time living from actively managing over Instagram 25 accounts, including @pinlord and @thednalife respectively, with a combined audience of over 1 Million followers.They also run NYC's Instagram Growth Hackers Meetup with the purpose of providing a free space for anyone who is interested in learning about strategies, habits and tools that can help them make a living from their Instagram.

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